Spencer Dinwiddie Hinting At A Possible Sixers/Warriors Trade?

AJ Torres

Ummmmmm…. WTF? This has got me feeling some type of WAY!!! Does he know he some inside information that we don’t? Is he just bringing up scenarios he thinks will happen? Is he just trolling? Idk but idc cause I know that means one of two things. That the number two overall pick would be for either Ben Simmons or Joel Embiid.

I would not under any circumstances trade either of these guys for a player in this years draft. Absolutely outrageous. Would be idiotic for the Sixers franchise to do such a thing. To be honest though this is the type of dumbass move Josh Harris and his posse would make.

This is probably just trolling but it has me feeling uneasy and I’m going to be thinking about it non stop.

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