Source Says SEC Might Be Forced To Shut Down From The NCAA


SEC and ACC have been the conference that have said, screw it, we’re going to play. We’ve been hearing rumors lately that Big 10 teams are now upset that they have been shut down while other Power 5s are looking to play. All of that is rumor and there is still a lot that needs to be figured out. And this SEC rumor is just the same.

Today on Picks Central, Brandon Walker interrupted the show to give some light breaking news. 

He goes on to say that it sounds like the NCAA is looking to force the SEC’s hand and shut them down for the 2020 season. This coming from an inside source he has in the south. I’ve looked other places and haven’t found any other claims of this so far. Does that mean it’s all bogus, not the least bit. Walker is one of the best college football media minds and I would imagine the connections he has in the sport are high enough up. 

This will be another COVID wait and see scenario. Personally I can’t imagine why they would shut the SEC down if they want to play and deem it safe. NCAA would be risking losing a ton of money with no football at all this fall. TV contracts alone are going to lose them hundreds of millions of dollars. 

More to come

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