Thom Brennaman what are you doing!?

Thom Brennaman has finally answered the age old question “If you drop a homophobic slur when the stadium is empty and nobody is watching does it count?”

Yes Thom it does count.

I can’t imagine there’s any spin Thom can put on this that’ll get him out of this. I’ll be honest as a lifelong Cincy fan who’s hated Thom’s commentary I’ve always wanted him to get fired but you don’t want to see it to down like this. I’d much rather have the Fox Sports Cincinnati execs sit Thom down and tell him how bad at his job he is and run back his “greatest hits” as security prepares to give him the Jazz from Fresh Prince treatment.

Anyways it was nice knowing you Thom.


Thom has taken time out of calling what could be his final game in the booth to apologize for his choice of words.

There’s been a lot of talk about inappropriate times to hit a home run lately but this may take the cake for the worst possible time to go yard.

This apology as a whole may top the awkwardness of the Michael Richards Late Show apology (LINK)

Featured image via YouTube (LINK)

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