The UFC has booked Anderson Silva’s funeral I mean booked his next fight


5 rounds against a (slightly worse) version of his younger self for a 45 year old Anderson Silva? What did he do to piss off the UFC?

At this point if you’re going to take trot the greatest middleweight of all time out for a fight why not give him a sub .500 fighter he can at least front kick in the face? He’s 1-6 since 2013 and has fought nothing but top 10 guys in that time, if that doesn’t show that he deserves a scrub from the regional circuit or a bottom feeder I don’t know what does.

Giving Silva the guy who almost killed someone on his season of The Ultimate Fighter isn’t a total shock though.


We saw the UFC feed BJ Penn to absolute killers across 3 different divisions for years before they finally said “okay no more BJ’s”.

I have no interest in watching another legend get taken out behind the shed and get Old Yeller’d….having said that I will still tune in and watch.

Featured image via Military News (LINK)

Uriah Hall killing a guy GIF via Sherdog (LINK)

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