Brett Brown Is Begging To Get Fired

AJ Torres

This guy really had the audacity to say he shouldn’t have gotten Embiid more touches down the stretch. Are you friggen kidding me? The guy for one is the biggest body on the court. Secondly he is the best basketball player on the floor especially on your team by FAR. What do mean you shouldn’t space it out and let Embiid work alone in the paint. That’s what made your offense flourished in the first half.

There’s just absolutely nothing about this guy that tells me he knows how to use Embiid correctly and for that we will never know the true potential of him until Brett is gone. There’s just no way in that first game against Boston you only have Embiid shoot 15 shots. Josh Richardson and Alec Burks should never and I mean never have more shot attempts than Embiid. That’s 100% on coaching. Embiid shot the ball 4 times in the 4th quarter. That alone is a fireable offense to Brown.

Get rid of em. Brett’s gotta go, while you’re at it get rid of Elton too. He’s the reason this shit show of a team has no flow. Constructed so poorly it’s a sin. With that being said…. GO SIXERS!!!!

Sixers in 6 #PhilaUnite

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