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That’s right, power rankings are back. Content has been slow around here lately and it’s time to kick you idiots in the ass. Nothing does that better than a little power rankings to get the juices flowing.

Some of you new guys have never been through the power ranking days at Branded and it shows.

A little insight on how I come up with the rankings. 1. Content produced. More content higher you go. 2. How I’m feeling that day. Sixers just lost, so not great. 3. I lean heavy towards the OGs because they have been here the longest. 4. I’m super biased.

If you did not make the Top 10, there is always next month.

So without further ado, your August Power Rankings:




  • Kevin locks up the top spot because he just rolled out a new pod that is doing fantastic and he’s helping Branded close a big deal.
  • Chavy with the surprise spot on the rankings. I find him very charming and funny. If we do an award show at the end of the year, he is an early favorite for rookie of the year.
  • Ali is a grinder, corner stone of the company
  • Eddie is 4 because he’s a Celtics fan but he’s doing amazing work behind the scenes.
  • Aidan is crushing BvB now I need him to crush blogging like the good old days.
  • AJ has been killing it. Antother ROY contender. Only reason he didn’t crack top 5 is because of his god awful Phillies take
  • Walsh has gotten the biggest interviews week in and week out on GT.
  • Stats is a top 5 talent trapped in the bottom 5 because he messed up my record on Locks Only. Make sure you watch lock only, show is amazing. I’M 5-1 STATS. FIX IT!!
  • Mac is a mystery man but he gets a top 10 spot because if someone is fighting, he’s blogging.
  • And lastly Echo. She is a monster, her first blog did numbers and got a like from a former Philadelphia Eagle. I’m not even sure she knew that but it did.


That’s this month rankings. Once again, content life is all about what have you done for me lately. Some names that didn’t make the power rankings. Get to grinding. We’re trying to make this thing into a god damn rocket ship.

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