A letter to 76ers fans from a Celtics/Rondo fan.


Dear Philadelphia,

What a start to what should be a great back and fourth series between two great teams! Watching two future HOF coaches like Brad Stevens and Brett Brown try to outsmart each other and guide their team to victory was the technical chess match that we all expected to get from Stipe and DC last Saturday night. I have no doubt that regardless of the series that both coaches will have their throne in their respective cities for years to come.

Some of my Branded comrades *cough* Eddie *cough* may take something as meaningless as a measly game 1 victory (that could give the winner the momentum to potentially go 4-0) and dance on your grave but that’s not how I roll. I think the right move is to act like we’ve been there before.

And I have no doubt that if the shoe were on the other foot 76ers fans would be just as gracious in victory as they are in defeat because they to have experienced the sweet taste of a championship victory in our lifetime.

Anyways regardless of how this series goes I just want to say that at the end of the day it’s just a game. Wins, losses they’re all meaningless as long as both teams and their fanbase are having fun (which as a Celtics fan I must say I am having tons of fun).

So here’s to hopefully 3 more games as exciting as last night’s was!


Chavy (@AgentChavyScarn)


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