Two Eagles Defensive Linemen Are Already Out Indefinitely

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NBC Sports Philly: “Eagles defensive linemen Javon Hargrave and Derek Barnett are both out indefinitely with injuries.

Hargrave, the centerpiece of the Eagles’ free agency period, is listed as out for “multiple weeks” with an upper-body injury. The “multiple-week” designation definitely calls into question his availability for the scheduled season opener on Sept. 13 in Washington.

Barnett, the oft-injured 4th-year defensive end, is listed by the team as “week-to-week” with a lower-body injury.

The Eagles provided no other information on either player, including when the injuries occurred. “Multiple weeks” is considered more serious than “week-to-week,” although it’s impossible to provide an estimated timeline with the limited information available.”

Not ideal and even less surprising.  Barnett’s injury seems to be much less serious but lower body for a defensive end is scary. I assume this injury was one of the reason the Eagles pulled the trigger on Vinny Curry.

Hargrve’s, ‘multiple weeks’ status is very concerning. The birds paid him $39 million for 3 years. If this injury lasts into the regular season we could be looking at a repeat of the Malik Jackson situation.

Update: Add Dillard to that list

Featured Image: NBC Sports Philadelphia

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