The Philadelphia Eagles Are Back In the Most Eagles Way Possible


The sports world in Philadelphia the past few days has produced a return to normalcy we had been in desperate need of for months. As the thermometers hit mid 90’s in August, the Phillies were beating the Mets and the Eagles were putting on pads for the first organized practices. In a world where everything has been topsy turvy, watching Phillies highlights and Eagles training camp videos felt calming. But, a return to “normalcy” with the Eagles isn’t always necessarily a good thing.


Ah, yes even in an offseason that was completely shut down, the Eagles still managed to put out a lengthy injury list on the first day of extended media access. It is painfully funny to see an injury list like this after the way the last few years have gone. But, it is also alarming to see two big names on the defensive line highlighted on this list.

The most agreed upon strength of this team is the defensive line, so seeing Barnett and Hargrave on the list is well, less than ideal.

You also have to love that the Eagles have adopted the hockey school of thought when describing injuries. You either hurt your lower body or your upper body. And there are only two timetable designations: day-to-day or week to week. If you are listed as one of the players out for weeks, there’s equal chance of you having an ankle sprain and you having to have your leg amputated Civil War style where the just hack it off at the knee.


Speaking of the day-to-day designation, good to see Jason Peters is getting right back into the swing of things even with the ongoing position change. At the very least, you have to appreciate the consistency.


Alright, enough of the injury pouting. We need to put positive vibes into the hot Philadelphia air. Sixers in 6.

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