Last Week’s Tweets That Didn’t Get Enough Respect


Another week, another bunch of tweets that didn’t get the appreciation that they rightfully deserved. Some people might think it’s ridiculous for someone to highlight their own work. Like laughing at your own jokes or listening to your own music but these were legit great tweets.

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First one was from last night. Phillies got the sweep of the Mets and most importantly, the bullpen looked strong. didn’t give up any runs for the first time in a billion games. I was sitting on this tweet from the 8th inning just waiting for them to close out the game.

Next one is also Phillies related and got a decent amount of retweets but for the timeliness it could have done much better. We’re talking viral better. Phillies bullpen as I said is trash, some might even say garbage. They lost a heart breaking to Baltimore in the most annoying way.

The last one I don’t even need to explain. It speaks for itself and it’s an all time tweet. Just another injustice that is going unnoticed.

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