Former Eagles’ Super Bowl Winning Linebacker Says Philadelphia Wasn’t A Winning Organization….Wait What?

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Ummmmmm, what’s happening here? This is like straight from the Donovan McNabb playbook. Get upset with your former team and city that embraced you. A fan base that was upset you didn’t return. And you try to stick it to them because you’re so hurt. Now that I say it out loud it’s not just McNabb 101, it’s ex high school girlfriend 101. Ignore the facts and react out of emotion.

Just in case you don’t recall, when Nigel Bradham played for the Eagles, they won this silly little game called the Super Bowl. It’s only the mountain top of every football player’s aspirations. People work their entire lives just for a shot to play for the Lombardi. And to get there you have to win a few games. The 0-16 Browns came up just short.

Not sure why he is going this route. I assume he really wanted to stay and Howie said be gone. Or maybe he honestly doesn’t remember them winning the Super Bowl. Shit I barely remember anything after that game too.

Eitehr way, Go Birds and screw Bradham.

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