I recently caught up with Toledo Ohio’s own Jim Conry who told me he had quite a fun Friday night with his two best friends Maumee Moonshine and Miller High Life.

“Once the wife went to bed after we watched I Love You Man (which can be rented for $3.99 on YouTube) I kicked off the mesh shorts I had on, walked over to fridge grabbed a few beers then sunk into the couch for the next few hours.”

What happened in those next few hours is unclear but after drinking a few High Life’s with Mr Conry we were able to jog his memory and able to piece together the night.

First he pulled up the 8 Mile Rap Battles and spent the next 45 minutes trying to rap against B-Rabbit. What followed the worst attempt at rap since Steve-O’s album was a trip down memory lane where Jim listened to Metro Station, The Veronica’s and My Chemical Romance and various other emo bands from the 2000’s. When I asked the 27 year old why he chose those 3 bands specifically he responded “RAWR XD”

Jim also fired off a few snaps providing play by play of his night to the unfortunate people on his Snapchat.

We here at Branded Sports were able to snag a few of the Snapchats from a person who asked to remain anonymous.


When I showed Jim the picture of his “beer-a-mid” he chuckled and responded “Yeah that was blacked out me trying to relive the glory days. 19 year old me would’ve had a pyramid stacked so high that I would’ve launched one of my buddies threw by the sunrise. But since I’m on the wrong end of 27 (soon to be 28) my body can’t handle the pounding of beers anymore.”

Jim woke up very hungover on Saturday and actually contemplated taking a few weeks off from the sauce let his body recover. But when I reminded him that he fantasy football was around the corner and his draft party was coming up he told me that quote “I look forward to throwing some brews back with the boys and stumbling into my apartment where my wife will no doubt be sitting there pissed off at me.”


Featured Image via Men’s Health (LINK)

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