Actual Playoff Predictions: Sixers Vs Celtics

I wrote a dumb blog earlier that really upset some of the Philly guys here (CEO Joe). Just some harmless fun friends.

Apparently I’m supposed to write an actual blog about the game. I thought what I said was pretty good but alas here we are.

Celtics is 6. My heart says Celtics in 5 but my brain says it’ll be 6. The Sixers have the best player in the series. That isn’t a question and not up for debate. Embiid will be the best player in almost every game he plays for the foreseeable future. He’s gonna average like 40 and 15 this series. The problem is the coach and the role players.

I’ve been saying Brett Brown should’ve been let go last year. Not as a troll but as a genuine comment if this team wants to win a title. It’s the Steve Kerr affect. Mark Jackson got the Warriors from nothing to something and the team needed new blood to take it the next step, now they have a handful of rings. Is Steve Kerr the best coach in the league? No. Is Mark Jackson a bad coach? No. Sometimes you just need a different presence, some fresh energy to shake a Roster up. Of course this could backfire if you hire a bad coach but let’s assume that isn’t what would happen. Stevens will coach circles around Brown.

Embiid is the best player in the series but the Celtics have, without argument, the next three with Tatum, Brown and Kemba. I don’t even know who would be the Sixers second best player, Tobias I guess? Tobias is closer to 6th best player in the series but we can say he’s 5th, I don’t care enough to argue. The biggest advantage the Sixers have is size, problem is most teams who play the Celtics have that advantage and they still ended up with the 3 seed and a solid record against the top teams in the league.

If you’re still reading and haven’t gotten so upset that you clicked off the blog like a child I’m sure you’re screaming about the Celtics going 1-3 against the Sixers this season. You bring up a great point. From an unbiased perspective this is a bit troublesome, initially. Game 1 I think we can all agree was ruined by the Refs. No matter what side you root for that was a potentially great game with a whistle every 5 seconds. Game 4 the Celtics won without Kemba and I think that win was very telling. Embiid held to 11 points in 23 minutes (injury or foul trouble I’m not sure) and Simmons put up 23. Big problem, no Simmons this series.

I just don’t know who scores other than Embiid and maybe Tobias. I also don’t know who stops Tatum, Brown, Kemba or even pornstache Hayward. You can scream Thybulle and Richardson at the top of your lungs they’re not shutting down the Celtics scorers. They’ll make it hard, they’re not bums by any means but Tatum is still gonna eat. Kemba is gonna get his 18+. Brown is one of the most underrated players in the league. All of this plus the Celtics bench and depth is significantly better.

Celtics in 6.

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