Are Elton Brand & Brett Brown On The Hot Seat?

AJ Torres

Over the past 6 years or so has been an up and down rollercoaster. From the dreadful process years, the Kahwi bounces, to this years playoffs without Ben Simmons. But the ups have been good too. We have made it to the playoffs the last 3 years. We haven’t felt that feeling in a long time. Though it has felt amazing making the playoffs, being let down by this team, head coach, and front office is getting extremely old.

Are Elton Brand and Brett Brown on the hot seat? I truly don’t know but in my honest opinion I feel we need a FRESH start and I believe that means you clear house. I believe Brett has got to go regardless. He has proven time and time again he’s just not the guy for this team. Great guy, just not a great coach. On the Elton Brand side of things, it’s a bit tricky. He’s done some good, and he’s done some really bad. For example, some of the good he’s done is trade for Matisse Thybulle. He’s easily a huge part of your future going foward. He’s already one of the best 15 defenders in the league. Huge get by Elton. As far as the bad, I’ll stick to the one that eats me up inside. Not resigning JJ Redick. Yea dudes a dick for saying what he said about the Sixers but he was a perfect piece of this team. I know he would’ve accepted a bench role and still got 30 minutes a game firing on all cylinders. They could’ve given him 2 years 20 million easily. Simply to me that was a huge mistake.

Do I feel Elton could strive as a GM? It’s too early to tell, but if he stays the first call for action is firing Brett Brown and brining in someone new to coach this team. Someone whose going to hold these guys accountable for their fuck ups and stubbornness. If Elton were to stay, I have a list of coaches I wouldn’t mind the Sixers hiring.

Tony Bennett: UVA Head Coach

This guy right here in my opinion could be the next real successful coach in the NBA. Down there in Virginia, they run a pro ready game. Tony Bennett has a 277-96 record at his time with the Cavaliers. He designs an offense where 1-5 can shoot, all players are disciplined, and play nasty and gritty defense. He’s been to the National Championship and won it. He knows what it takes to be a championship caliber team. That new mindset in the lockeroom with guys like Embiid, Harris, and Simmons breathes new life for the future. Count me in on the Bennett train to Philly.

Mark Few: Gongzaga Head Coach

Mark Few is one loyal son of a gun I’ll tell ya that. This man has been a head coach for Gonzaga since 1999 and was an assistant coach for them from 1990-1999. With an astonishing record of 599-124, Few remains on of the best coaches in college basketball. He is a fiesty little guy who shows so much passion for the game. As a player he is a coach you love to play for. Like Bennett Few runs a pro ready offense, but Few loves his big men being a big body who can play bully ball. Why this is good for Philly is that Embiid and Few would be a match made in heaven. I believe Few would get the absolute best out of Joel and get his ass in the right mindset. This hiring is super unlikely because it is known that Few loves his Bulldogs and is still on a quest for that NCAAB championship.

Wes Unseld Jr: Nuggets Assistant Coach

Unseld Jr is going to be a hot commodity coaching name come 2020. There’s going to be a bidding war for the guy. That’s because he’s a huge part of why the Denver Nuggets are as successful as they are now. It is said as a coach Unseld Jr has a natural born work ethic unlikely many others. It is also said that Unseld Jr is phenomenal with developing young talent. That looks to be true when you see all the young talent the Nuggets have from Jamal Murray, Nikola Jokic, Michael Potter Jr who the Sixers should have if I might add. That young nucleus is deadly over there and to have someone who can come in and enhance the already talented Embiid, Harris, Simmons, etc would be lovely.

Another huge part about Unseld Jr’s coaching philosophy is defense. He turned a bottom feeder defender into a consecutive top 10 defense. The Sixers defensively have struggled since Lloyd Pierce left for Atlanta. Having a coach who is known to improve defenses is a huge plus here. If the Sixers do fire Brett Brown, Unseld Jr should be a prime candidate.

Jay Wright: Villanova Head Coach

Last but not least, Jay friggen Wright. Look I’m not a Nova guy, I’m an UNC fans through and through, but Jay Wright is a top 5 NCAAB coach, you could even argue top 3. The guy just has IT. Wright has an overall coaching record of 593-267. Like Bennett, Wright bases his offensive philosophy off of having shooters 1-5 on the court but occasionally when he recruits that true big man, that’s when his offense truly flourishes. Saying that, the point guard is the biggest key of Wrights offense. He holds the point guard to the highest standard and runs everything though them. From the likes of Jalen Brunson, Ryan Arch, and now Colin Gillespie, you have to think Wright would have a huge impact on Simmons.

Defensively is where Wrights bread and butter is though. He runs an up in your face and pesky defense. They have been one of the top defensive teams in college basketball for the last 6-7 years. Their perimeter defense is top notch and that would impact the Sixers tremendously. Oh let’s no mention he also like Bennett has won the National Championship. Wright unlike Bennett has won it twice so he knows exactly what it takes to mold a championship caliber team. One of those championships being against my UNC Tarheels. That Kris Jenkins dagger still has me uneasy.

Realistically you have to really think if he will leave or not? He has been offered NBA jobs before including the New York Knicks in 2018, which he turned down immediately. The Knicker Bockers still have interest til this day. Jay Wright said he would have to be hit with an overwhelming offer to leave Villanova. In my honest opinion he’s waiting on one NBA job and one NBA job only. That’s the Sixers. He LOVES the Sixers and has spoken my glowingly about them many times before. He’s close with a lot of people in the Sixers organization. It’s his dream job and if Elton offers it, he’s not turning it down. He’s spoke highly of Embiid and Simmons too often to not want to explore what he accomplish with them two. He’s my number one target if Brown gets canned.

At the end of the day we still have this playoff series to play. Nothing is changing until the Sixers lose or win a series. I just see no way they get past the 2nd round, this ultimately has to force ownerships hand to make a real change. This team has championship potential but it is not being utilized correctly and that starts with coaching. So we shall see where the Sixers go in these playoffs and go from there.


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