Hey Matt Klentak, Here Is A Free Agent You Can Sign To Improve The Bullpen Today. You’re Welcome

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Not sure it you’ve heard but the Phillies bullpen stinks out loud. They gave out another million runs last night while getting swept by the Orioles. If you’re wondering exactly how bad they are, look at this.

That is shockingly bad, almost impressive in fact. So I think it’s safe to say the time has come for the Phillies to make a move or two. They’ve already called JD Hammer back to the 60 man roster which I think can help. If nothing else he brings a level of swag that has to be good for a couple no hit innings. There are a ton of arms out there but there is one name I love for them to take a peak at and that is Arodys Vizcaino.

He suffered a torn labrum and had surgery to repair it. His contract ended and he must have just flown under the radar. Before the injury though he was solid the three previous years.



Philadelphia would kill right now for a guy with an ERA under 3. This team is giving away wins and wasting a hell of a season from Harper and Realmuto. Something needs to change to at least show that you care at all about winning. Maybe just move Neil Walker to the bullpen full time since he came in last night, pitched for the first time in his career and looked like the best arm in the bullpen.

Go get Vizcaino. Cut some of the dead weight and let’s at least look like we are a big market team.

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