Who Is Letting Ramona Shelburne Vote For MVP?

Ramona what are you talking about. This is the problem with letting beat writers decide any of these awards, top to bottom. Ramona Shelburne voted for Lebron to win MVP because she is “narrative based voter”??? Exfuckingcuse me? You’re a what now?

This is along the same lines as Chris Broussard leaving Avery Bradley off his All Defense team because Booker put 70 on him. Just one problem with that.

The NBA is allowing absolute morons dictate the legacy of players. This isn’t new, Rose already stole an MVP from Lebron, Nash has 2 of them things and didn’t average 20. Adam Silver fix THIS shit.

Personally, I don’t even thing Lebron should be a finalist. AD is more deserving than Lebron this season but even if you want to argue Lebron has earned it, fine. I’ll hear you out. Don’t you dare mention his age, or how long he’s been in the league. Don’t talk about his kids and don’t you dare bring up Kobe, RIP.

I’m still stuck on how Ramona, and a lot of Laker fans/media members, bring up how the Lakers missed the playoffs the last 6 years and Bron carried them this year to the 1 seed. Again, AD has had a better year but do you idiots not remember Lebron was on the 10 seed Lakers last year? You’re all clowns but at least you’re not Ramona Shelburne.

Last thing, she’s just a Lakers fan. Why are team favored biases allowed to come into the voting process? Dude she said KD should meet with the Lakers out of respect. Fuck you Ramona.

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