(Video) Some Shirtless Guy Walked Into The Middle Of An Urban Meyer Interview

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Whats’s, ummmm, happening here? It looks like Urban might be on a boat, this big fella was just outside catching some rays and needed a new cold one. He just popped in like he owned the joint. What’s better than him not seeing the mirror on the wall is Urban Meyer forgetting he’s on video when he starts waving him off.

I hope this mystery man was offering Urban a Bud heavy and Meyer is like “God damnit not yet! I need to finish this interview then it’s Kenny Chesney and water slides the rest of the day! Chill brraaahhh!” I assume he also has on a pair of crisp chubbies and the dress shirt is just for show.

Need the 30 seconds after the interview was over clip. Someone please.

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