Drake Bell Is Cancelled




Drake Bells ex has taken to TikTok to accuse him of verbal and physical abuse as well as pedophilia. Guys hitting for the cycle. Now this is all very early and there’s been no proof brought forward or anything legal that I see but this is not what they meant when they said all publicity is good publicity.

I’m not a big cancel guy. Which is a bit shocking because I hate everyone but I just don’t think it’s a thing. I know probably not the best time and place but when has Twitter cancelling someone actually resulted in something? Who has been cancelled and actually got cancelled? Going to jail doesn’t count, you broke the law and are being punished for your crimes that’s not getting cancelled. Maybe Roseanne? But who was actually watching that stupid reboot? Drake is still pretty young but he’s not really doing anything. I don’t know, cancelling just seems more like a fun phrase the kids like to throw around then something that actually happens.

Regardless, the accusation has been made so true or false people will pick sides. It will be interesting to see how he handles this.

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