Darius Slay Tells Greg Ward He Is Going To ‘Clamp His Ass’ And I For One Believe Him

It’s a pretty well known fact around the NFL that Darius Slay is a tier one elite ass clamper. Been clamping asses for years in Detroit. Now it’s time to play for a big boy city and it looks like he is more than ready.

Darius Slay says he is clamping Greg Ward Jr and others. Eagles put on pads today also from eagles

Greg, consider that ass clamped.

Also, I hope to God he can cover the Eagles receivers because if he can’t cover Greg Ward, we’re in big trouble. And I know there is this weird group of Eagles fans that thinks Greg Ward is legit……..no. The guy had 254 in 7 games last year. Does he deserve a shot this training camp, sure. But please Philly, let’s not turn this guy into someone we make excuses for just because he’s ‘tough.’

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