No Pee August who’s in?!


No Shave November

No Nut November

No Poop July

and now No Pee August!

That’s right boys we have a new trend to show just how much DUDE’S ROCK!

Nothing says “I’m a cool ass dude” like holding your pee for 31 days.

Currently me and the boys are on day 11 of #NoPeeAugust and I’m not going to lie it’s feels like I’m doing #NoPee2020. I’m tossing and turning each night while “kinking the hose” so I don’t disappoint my internet friends.

The strangest thing about #NoPeeAugust is that I’ve woken up with wet sheets now for the 11th day in a row.

Anyways besides the wet sheets this month has been great (I’ve learned about solidarity and just how bro I am over these past 11 days). If you want to participate in this awesome trend get one last pee out at your nearest urinal and then hold that bladder until September 1st king!

Also pour one out for our dude @MacPeePeeDooDoo gone but not forgotten.

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