Logan Paul throws down $10K for anyone who can beat him in a wrestling match and he may be regretting his decision.


Logan Paul is out looking for attention again as he challenges any “influencer” to step into the wrestling ring with him for $10K. He probably was hoping some stringbean Twitch streamer like Ninja would answer the open challenge, but instead he got a death sentence from the most dangerous man in professional wrestling.

Simply put (and I mean this in the nicest way possible) New Jack is one crazy motherfucker.


The second Logan hears Natural Born Killaz blaring over the PA system at the arena there’s no way he’s sticking around to see whether New Jack is going to staple the $10K to his forehead or throw him off the balcony onto a pile of tables.

If you’re watching this and saying to yourself “New Jack doesn’t seem that bad” please do the following two things.

1. Watch this highlight video (LINK).

2. Retract your statement.

I would be lying though if I said I didn’t want to see this matchup though. Maybe even throw in Brock Lesnar and Jake Paul and lets just make this the Paul Brother’s Ass Whooping Extravaganza. We’d price the PPV at $15 and the entire card is just douchey influencers get their shit kicked in by badass wrestlers.

New Jack GIF’s via Steam Communtity (LINK)

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