Big Ten Cancels Football Season In Hopes For Spring Season

AJ Torres

This is college footballs worst nightmare. The Big Ten, one of the biggest conferences in college football is going to make the NCAA lose ALOT of money. Where do we go from here? Just thinking about no college football is giving me anxiety. Me as a big draft guy loves watching the college football season to gather information and watch all the top prospects in the upcoming drafts. Attempting to play it in the spring is nice and all, but will you really get to see the best players in college football play?

I truly don’t believe moving the season to the spring is a smart move. You’re gonna lose the top kids for sure. Especially the ones who will be getting drafted. You really think Justin Fields or Trevor Lawerence are gonna wanna play a season starting in April with the NFL draft being in the same month? I don’t think so and majority of the top draft prospects will opt out for the draft as well.

Covid has completely fucked my mood once again and I don’t see that stopping anything soon. This virus and this year need to fucking end already.

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