Are You A Starseed?

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I hate this girl. Never met her, hopefully never will, but I can’t stand her. For so many reasons too.

  1. She is setting back space exploration back years. NASA is having a hard enough time getting funding without this lunatic going around saying she’s from another planet. I want to meet an alien, a real one. Not girl born in Wisconsin that moved to LA because her ‘alien consciousness’ told her to. I’m never going to meet one though if people like this girl keep freaking everyone out.
  2. She probably is Tiki’s Tok famous and making a decent living doing these types of stupid videos. Not fair at all. She’s not being funny or trying to make jokes. She actually thinks she’s an alien and banking on her craziness. Makes me irrationally jealous.
  3. She probably smells bad. I don’t know, I assume that aliens don’t shower a ton and if they do it’s in the mud or something.

Quick look at her twitter and GOD damnit!

50K people follow her? 50,000!!! That’s more people than the average attendance of a Cincinnati Bengals game. Ya know what, I want off this planet too.

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