The Cincinnati Reds could be the first MLB team to welcome fans back!


Finally we’re first! As a Cincinnati sports fan we don’t get a lot of chances to be #1 at anything, and if we do we usually end up fucking it up royally (see 2013 Cincinnati Bengals season).

This very well may be the only time I see the Bengals and Reds be #1 in the same calendar year in my lifetime so I’m going to party like I’m 20 when this is confirmed. I’m talking Jagerbombs, 4 Lokos, Natty Light, I want it all.

I love that Cincinnati isn’t content with just 2 #1’s and we’re going for the triple crown with most confirmed coronavirus in a single city. Because let’s face it, if you put fans back in any capacity for any sporting event this year you might as well chalk em up as having the virus.

So everyone should do the right thing and avoid going to the game for the sake of your parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents health


Featured image via Cincinnati Reds Twitter (LINK)

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