Judging By This Tik Tok, I Understand Why Trevor Lawrence Wants To Play Football So Bad


If you’ve been on Twitter the last week or so you’ve noticed that Trevor Lawrence wants to play football very badly. 


And I’m all for it. Get out there (if it’s safe of course) and let’s play. I’ve said it a thousand times and I’ll say it a thousand more. If there is no football this fall I don’t want to be a part of this world. It sounds dramatic but I said it. And if there is no football what are all these players going to do that are only in college to go pro? 

Go to class? No shot. 

Well judging by this Tik Tok, I’d say Trevor is going to try and become TT Famous during his down time. 

Yikes, and I don’t mean that for the cross dressing, you do you boo boo. But yikes for the lack of creativity and humor. No shot you are getting Tik Tok famous from that or maybe you do. I don’t understand Tik Tok. Everything that goes super viral on there isn’t funny or really entertaining at all. So maybe I’m wrong and this is hilarious. But either way, Trevor is much better at throwing a football than Toking. 

Now full disclosure, that isn’t TL. He already said it but boy does that look like his twin. What a nightmare scenario that would be. You have a twin you don’t know about and you find out via awful Tik Toks. You’d have to pay him off or something. Can’t have someone convincing people you aren’t funny. 

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