Funny Tweets Of Mine From This Past Week That Didn’t Get Enough Respect


I’m a fantastic tweeter. It’s just a fact. That isn’t tooting my own horn or any of that type of non sense. That is simply recognizing the truth of the situation. Unfortunately I don’t have thousands of followers yet, so some of my hilarious content falls on deaf ear/eyeballs. I have decided that I will try and share those with you each week, (that I remember) so you don’t miss out.

And yeah, please follow me so we can end this problem together. 

Alright, first up here. College football is on the ropes and most likely donezo. Over the weekend Pat Forde ‘broke’ the news. I decided to quote tweet it with this hilarious moment in Always Sunny for a timely and witty tweet.


Second on on the list and easily one of my favorite tweets. We’ve got Trump incorrectly pronouncing Thailand. As the President there are a handful of things you can’t do. High on that list is incorrectly pronouncing countries. He says ‘thighland’ and at the time he said it I was wearing a pair of Chubbies. Which sparked this zinger of a tweet.


Lastly, not the funniest or wittiest but still a home run of a tweet. Philip Rivers in his new Colts uni poses with a wild shocked face. Almost have to think he’s a closet Broadway actor with this look of fear in his eyes at a photo shoot. I can feel Von Miller getting ready to make a sack from this photo. So what else could Rivers be that scared of? More babies of course. Guy has an entire litter of them, every new kid has to take a little out of ya.


So those our this weeks, tweets that didn’t get enough love. Please like, retweet, quote tweet, whatever you can do to support the case. We are in this together as a team.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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