BREAKING: Big 10 And Pac 12 Officially Cancelling Football Tomorrow. SEC Trying To Get Them To Join Their Conference

Wow, just last week we were looking at Big 10 football schedules that had been released. Talking about how the committee was going to get Ohio State in the playoffs no matter how bad their schedule is this year. And a few short days later, it’s all gone. Big 10 and Pac 12 will officially call it tomorrow and with Dan Patrick getting the scoop, I wouldn’t be surprised if they decide to announce it today to get in front of some of the chatter.

The SEC, from what this source is saying, will wait this out a bit and try to recruit teams to join the conference for the season. Let me tell you what I think about that.


Could you imagine SEC West: Bama, LSU, Auburn, Wisconsin, Ohio State, Michigan. FEEEEEEEEEEDDDD MEEEEEE. I will take any college football I can get this year but you want to give me one big super conference. Yup, all in.

The small conferences should have thought about this. I know the MAC already closed up shop and I think that is the biggest bone head move of all time. Let the big boys cancel and you steal the limelight. All day Saturday, nothing but MACtion. Get Penn State to join the MAC for a year? They would wipe the floor with the conference but it’s all about them eyeballs baby.

All joking aside, today is a dark day in the sports world and it sounds like we have a few more to come.

RIP college football, NFL you are our only hope.

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