Yankees Spent Last Night Doing More Crying Than Playing Baseball

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If you were within an earshot of the Yankees dugout last night you probably heard the following:


Yankees players and their manager spent last night crying like little babies over some noise in a baseball stadium. Ya know a stadium that would normally have 45,000+ fans screaming their nuts off the entire time. Get a load of this idiot.

Oh my god!! Not the announcers. They were talking during the game? The nerve of them. Is this dude serious? Typically you’d have thousands of fans booing the balls off of every pitch in regular circumstances and you’re telling me JA can’t pitch because he hears some dudes chatting? GTFOH. Be softer, you can’t.

And then to top it off you have this cry baby bitch, Aaron Boone.

Your savages can’t handle noise coming from OUTSIDE the stadium? That can’t be serious. Phillies fans are passionate and they are creating a home field advantage. Deal with it. Also what do you want the umps to do, throw out the guys that aren’t in the building? Here’s what we’ll do for the Yankees. Whenever they come to town we’ll cancel all flights, make sure no one comes within a 300 foot radius of the stadium and no talking.

Does that work ya big babies.

PS: If you think this isn’t going to get Phillies fans to double down on this, you’re insane.

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