Pat McAfee vs Adam Cole


So I’ve pretty much stopped watching WWE since Wrestlemania and honestly can’t say that I miss it. That being said NXT is usually one of the bright spots and now there’s even more of a reason to check it out. One of the most electric personalities in all of entertainment will finally be making his in-ring debut.

That’s right ladies and gents former NFL punter and current host of the Pat McAfee show, Pat McAfee has agreed to fight Adam Cole at NXT Takeover 30. They have been planting the seeds for this feud for a loooonngg time now. It all finally came to fruition a little over a week or so ago as Adam Cole was a guest on the Pat McAfee show and he flipped shit. He broke a microphone and pushed one of Pat’s buddies before storming out. Cole would later apologize on social media and the two would put their differences aside, or so we thought.

McAfee was invited to NXT this past Wednesday and him and Cole seemed to shake hands and put the issues to rest. That was until the main event where Adam Cole was at ringside watching his buddies match and McAfee was on commentary. McAfee was takin shots the entire time at Cole and Cole had enough. Cole would throw water in the face of McAfee and they would have to be separated. Just as we thought it was over McAfee ran back to where Cole was being held back and punted him in the face! A great start to the build of this upcoming match.

On another note this match has been met with a lot of negative talk on McAfee and WWE. Which I don’t fully understand, if you follow McAfee on social media and listen to his show you know that getting into a wrestling ring for a match has been a plan of his. He has been training for a decent amount of time and putting in tons of work to make sure he was fully ready for this opportunity. I fully expect him and Cole to put on a great match at Takeover and I will definitely be tuning in for this one as McAfee is super entertaining in just about everything he does.




Featured Image-Pat McAfee Twitter

Video-McAfee Twitter

Takeover Image-NXT Twitter

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