Draymond Green Is The Most hated Man In Arizona


Jesus Christ Draymond.

I’ve been trying to get Booker on the same team as KAT and D’Angelo for decades and we might be close. Either A. Draymond knows some behind the scenes info that we can only speculate about. Or B. He’s talking out his ass like normal. Booker is the best thing to happen to the Suns since Steve Nash but they’re also one of the most difunctional and poorly ran teams in the league. They slide under the radar by not being in a big market or having East Coast fans.

Draymond will get a fine, the league will put out a statement. Dray is a lot of things but he isn’t wrong. Let Book get off that bum ass team and he’ll thrive.

Booker thriving will shut the clown Bill Simmons up too and who doesn’t want that?

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