Are Men Wearing Sports Bras Now?

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You can say that Gronk is dominant….a beast, undeniably the greatest tight end of all time, but you will never find anyone that says he is a trend setter. If invited to the Oscars there is at least a 5% chance he would show up in Zubaz. But Gronk’s latest look is perhaps the most perplexing yet.

I don’t know which man needs to hear this but sports bras are fucking awful. They are there to prevent any high impact injuries like taking a boob to the face and just jump roping in general.

If it were presented as an option, the sports bra industry would not exist. The thing is those bad boys are meant to be extra tight, to keep everything in there and accounted for. Do you know what it’s like getting that over your head? Taking it off while sweating? It’s not something I wish upon my worst enemy, which in most cases is all men. So Gronk showing up to Bucs practice on a presumably extra warm day in a branded sports bra is perplexing.

From what I understand, a side effect of steroids is men growing boobs. I’m not accusing Gronk of anything but what other possible reason could it be for this to happen. He’s had like 12 back surgeries so maybe there’s some of Alex Guerrero’s snake oil rubbing off on his back? God the Bucs are such cheaters.

My biggest concern is this becoming a major trend. It’s “wacky” when Gronk does it, but the next thing you know Big Ben is rocking a black and yellow sports bra in a private workout. Can you imagine what’ll happen once Derek Carr sees this? The offensive lineman community? Gronk is a danger to mankind with this look.

There’s only one exception.


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August 8, 2020 4:23 pm

It’s not a sports bra. It’s a health and fitness tracker. It allows team trainers to monitor the health of the entire team during practice. If you would have Googled “Catapult” you would know that, though.

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