Why am I ruining the blog?

Who am I?
My name is Annmarie, and I am an extremely unqualified sex podcaster with a horrible massiah complex. I’m basically the physical embodiment of narcissism, but like in a cute way. I have a whole bunch of really nice qualities and a fair amount of terrible ones. As a master manipulator and a full time comedian, I stay pretty busy. But, somehow, I still find time to cohost The Roster, which is a comedy podcast I started with my very best friend, Echo. Okay, you get the gist.
So, why am I ruining your favorite blog feed right now? Well, after a ton of begging, Branded Sports finally agreed to let me blog for them. They will most likely come to regret that decision soon but, before they catch on, let’s talk some more about ME.
I grew up in hillbilly town nowhereville, Pennsylvania after being adopted at the age of 6. I was fortunate in that I was adopted into a loving Christian home. My father, a pastor. My mother, an angel. Because of them, I am halfway normal. I lost my adoptive mother at the age of 14 to a battle with cancer. I may have lost one parent, but it felt like two because my father was so depressed and absent for years following her death. It was then that I first remember battling with mental illness.
I could go on and on about my excess of childhood and early adolescent traumas, but now it’s all starting to make sense right? The whole sex podcast thing, I mean. Well, life has thrown me around a lot. Somewhere along the way in all of that trauma I forgot to live a little. I felt like my childhood was stolen from me. So, I am here to reclaim my life and act like a fucking kid a little. I am full of wonderful advice I never take. I will most likely say things that are inappropriate. And I have absolutely no shame.
You’re Welcome.

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