Sounds Like Rodney McLeod Had Some Mystery Surgery Done In The Offseason

Classic maintenance work surgery. This some big time hockey move where they just say lower body or upper body injury. Guy could get his arm cut off, NHL reports “player has an upper body injury, out 2-3 days.” Hockey tough ya know.

Not sure what ‘maintenance work’ means for a football player. Ice bath, new diet or even some medical check ups. Those are things I’d classify as just a little maintenance work. Having a doctor cut you open, no matter how small the hole is, that is a little more. If I had to guess, maybe he had some bone chips removed, feel like that is something that happens randomly with athletes. Whatever it is, it should be a bigger deal than just the old ‘ho hum, nothing to see here.’

Hopefully whatever it is he doesn’t lose anymore steps. With Jenkins gone, he will be needed to show up this year. Fingers crossed.

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