Ohio is for dummies?

As the resident Ohioan at Branded Sports I deal with a lot of ball busting for being from one of the most boring states in the country (or as my girlfriend’s dad calls us, the armpit of the Midwest). As a proud Ohioan I see most of the slander as nothing more than people punching down because they’re jealous that they’re not from the same state as *checks notes* the Paul brothers.

But every once in awhile Ohio does something that I cannot defend and I just have to take it on the chin and today is one of those times.

Jesus Christ. 14,886 signatures?


Now I can see maybe a 1,000 ironic signatures being thrown in but I can’t imagine 14,886 people all going “you know this would be a sick prank”. Conservatively speaking there’s probably at least 5,000-7,000 that unironically signed this and thought “If the man could make Jesus Walk and Talk Through The Wire he might be able to change the country for the better!”

So if you want to take a free shot at me for Ohio being…well Ohio now’s your chance. I’m looking at you Eddie.


Credit to me for my top notch photoshop skillz.

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