Notre Dame Officially Eliminated From The College Football Playoffs This Season


The Fighting Irish schedule just came out and it’s a wrap for their 2020 playoff hopes.

Notre Dame got handed a gift from the ACC by letting them play in their conference in 2020. That gift also included an absolute joke of a schedule. So congratulations to Notre Dame on another season of not going to the title game. They are most likely going into the Clemson game undefeated with the cake walk they are starting the year with.

They will get clowned by Clemson again and that will be a wrap to their season.

But on the off chance that they do happen to beat Dabo and company, they still have no shot to make the college football playoffs. Their isn’t enough fire power on this 11 game slate to get them to a top 4 spot. Many people said last year that Clemson didn’t have enough to make the playoffs but the committee basically had to put them in because they were undefeated. Had they lost one game, they would have been on the outside looking in.

2020 conference only play is going to be a killer for teams in conferences like the ACC that are not deep. One lose in the ACC is a kill shot to playoff chances.

So congrats again to Notre Dame on another typical season where they underachieve their ultimate goal.

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