Ben Simmons To Miss The Playoffs?

AJ Torres

This is the exact play that Ben Simmons hurt his knee. You could tell from his limp that this was not going to be a good outcome. This is just adds on to the never ending nightmare this team always has to face.

As Shams says in his tweets Ben and the Sixers are working on some treatment options. Simmons will be sidelined until the two come to an agreement with the possibility of him missing the entire playoffs.

As my fellow blogger Chavy said “As someone who took 3 years of anatomy at community college I can say without a doubt that this probably hurt really bad.” I tend to agree with him. Actually in more ways than one. It hurt him physically, I bet but I’m more concerned with how it’s hurting the Sixers fans, myself included.

This almost guarantees an early exit for the Sixers in the playoffs. It also probably gives Brett Brown another fuckin pass at staying another yet. Don’t get me wrong I like Brett, great guy and all, but the man just is never going to bring us to the Finals. It’s that simple.

I’m praying to dear baby Jesus that he heals Benny’s knee in time for him to be a go for playoff time, but I am not holding my breath. I have no hope this turns out any good for the Sixers or our playoff run.

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