Tom Brady Gets The Best Of The Eagles

First off, eat a dick Twitter. They have suspended my account and are refusing to respond to my communications. About to drive to San Fran and punch Jack right in the throat. Please tweet out justice for @BrandedPatriot7

Secondly, I know Tom doesn’t play for the Pats anymore, but he’s a Pat for life and anything he does that’s newsworthy, I’m blogging. Sorry not sorry.

Yesterday LeSean McCoy said the Eagles made a push at him but it was the Brady factor that landed him in Tampa.

Awwwwwwww poor triggered Eagles fans. Brady wins again. Enjoy Super Bowl 52, we’ll enjoy the SIX we’ve got including that one down in Jacksonville some 16 years ago. Greatest player of all time is going to get guys to leave their homes to put on the colors.

Go Brady but more importantly Go Pats

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