Pssssssssttttt. Wanna See A Dead Body



Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd he’s dead. Not sure what plan A was here. Seems like he was going to try and do the old Buffalo Bills fan dive but got scared. Decided to go feet first instead and boom, he’s cooked. I mean look at this face, that is old school internet where they showed us dead bodies left and right.


Also his buddy with the “that’s not the right way to do that.” No shit bro. What gave it away, your buddy being broken in half like an Oreo? And let’s address the elephant in the room, the Frozen decorations. This is clearly his daughter’s birthday party. Dad was feeling froggy after one too many Miller High Lifes and thought now was the time to relive the glory days. And judging by the fact they were shushing each other before he jumped, that tells me that this kid must have been napping.

Meaning we’ve got an over the hill father of a 3 year old or younger, taking a swanton bomb off the top rope mid day during his child’s birthday party. Just the perfect ingredients for a viral video. 

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