BREAKING: Big Ten Released Their 2020 Football Schedule

I know we are far away from this being a reality but this is some big time hope stuff here. A couple things that are interesting from the jump. Michigan Ohio State is week 8 instead of typically one of the last weeks of the year. And I can’t for the life of me figure out why.

The other glaring thing I notice are the byes. They aren’t spread through out the schedule, all are basically happening within 4 weeks of the season. More than half the conference will have the same bye week 11. I’d rather see it a little more spread out as a Big Ten fan but I guess it makes some sense.

What I hate about this schedule the most though is Ohio State. Their road is insanely weak. They are going to go undefeated and the committee is going to vote them into the playoffs just because they are Ohio State. It’s unreal. The toughest game they have is at Penn State. They avoid Minnesota and Wisconsin completely, the two up and coming teams in the conference. Wild.

The committee is going to have the hardest time picking the playoffs this year with teams not having many like opponents. If we really want the top 4 teams this year we really should just take the top 3 teams from the SEC and the winner of the ACC. Big Ten isn’t showing enough fire power here, they need non conference play.

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