Shmoney Time?


Rumors are flying around the internet that the legend Bobby Shmurda might be getting out of jail. I stumbled into the trending topics on Twitter last to see him trending so I had to click on it. Little did I know yesterday was in fact his birthday so happy belated bday Shmurda!
1EE06BAA-A604-4564-8EF8-BB2593CD3808Anyway, I started seeing a lot of Tweets about him possibly getting released from prison. In 2016 he pleaded guilty to a weapons charge and a one count of third degree conspiracy. Shmurda has been in prison since 2015 which was a year after his first album came out. 

Supposedly he has a parole hearing on the 18th and let’s cross our fingers that everything goes right. Hopefully our guy gets out and he can start making some new bangers. This could be the moment that 2020 starts to turn around…

Also if Bobby walks outta Prison like this, it’s over for everyone…



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