Kristin Cavallari Just Dropped The Hammer On Instagram With This Pic Next To Guess Who

Since the news of Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler’s nasty divorce, everyone on the internet has been running the STE-PHEN jokes into the ground. Perhaps the only move K-Cav had left in the arsenal, here is the picture we have all been waiting for…

As long documented I have always been firmly positioned as president of the Team LC fan club. Despite the fact that she is happily married to a beautiful man with two adorable children, I’m now still hoping she might step in and ruin this 20 year reunion with a hot tub session at her parents house in Laguna.

Clearly displaying her lack of wedding ring and plunging neckline, this is a vintage Kristin move that only someone with her resume could pull off. Jay Cutler may not give a fuck about anything at all besides getting justice for his chickens, but this pic undoubtedly has to piss him off.

I was unable to confirm or deny Stephen’s current relationship status, just that he has a daughter. There are no sappy anniversary posts but it is extremely clear that Stephen has aged like a fine California wine.

Your move Jay Cutler. Is Audrina single?


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