Flyers Michael Raffl Injured


In a game where the Flyers looked almost perfect other than maybe the first 10 minutes of the first period, unfortunately they lost one of their forwards in the process. Late in the third period, Raffl went into the boards awkward after a collision with Jeremy Lauzon.

After first glance it looked somewhat like an innocent play with Raffl getting the worst of it. I’ve gone back an watched it a few times now and to me its pretty clear there was some intent on the part of Lauzon. Yes, I am biased as a Flyers fan I will not deny that at all but check out the video yourself…

It’s slowed down enough and you can clearly see where Lauzon’s skate clips the back of Raffl’s causing him to lose an edge and go into the boards. Raffl had to be helped off the ice and was unable to put much weight on his left leg. The Flyers did not have an update on the injury as it did happen late in the game. Even when we do get an update though with the new NHL protocol for injuries/COVID we will probably just get the classic, lower body injury/unfit to play.

Raffl had a goal and an assist in the Flyers win and is also a key part of their penalty kill. Lauzon could be hearing from the league office depending on if they think there was intent behind this but thats another thing we will have to wait and find out on.

Keep it here as i’ll update the blog once we hear more about the status of Raffl. The Flyers next game is Thursday as they take on the Washington Capitals.



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