Is It Weird That LeBron Dyed His Beard?

Surely someone will hit this take with a “why are you commenting on a man’s facial hair?” but as long as every picture of a woman has a “dump em out” comment I feel it’s acceptable to comment on LeBron’s oddly dark beard last night.


Looks like a completely normal picture of Bron, except for the fact that this is what he looked like no less than 3 days ago:


The beard does look like it was trimmed slightly like a middle class Karen’s shrubs in the Spring, and that’s where most of the gray was taking over. In case you forgot, which is totally understandable, LeBron is a father of 3 in his 17th year in the NBA.

As a well documented LeBron hater Lakers fan, I admit I kind of liked the gray beard. Made me feel a little better about the plethora of gray hairs that I’ve had pop up not being able to get my hair done for the past 6 months. Gray is OK people. While we are here, is it grey or gray? I’ll stick with one to stay consistent but I definitely don’t understand the difference.

In his first actual game back, dark beard LeBron only had 16 points, 11 rebounds and 7 assists. I don’t know why but I think gray beard LeBron might have had a triple double. Although I’m not sure grey beard LeBron makes that game winning shot off his own miss. That’s a dark beard LeBron move.

So is the general consensus that this is a weird move or a totally acceptable move by LeBron? To be quite honest I do not give one single fuck what LeBron’s beard looks like, but it’s clear there’s at least one person that does, and that’s LeBron. From his hairline to this new pigmented beard, the only person who cares what LeBron looks like on the court is LeBron.


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