July 29th Is One Of The Weirdest Days In Philadelphia Sports History

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Philadelphia, like every city with four major sports teams, is going to have some days that are remembered for weird transactions. Some times those transactions will pile on top of each other. I mean just yesterday was the 10 year anniversary of Dom Brown’s MLB debut.


But July 29th, might be without a shadow of a doubt, the weirdest day in Philadelphia sports history. 5 key franchise transaction took place on this day. (I’m sure more too, but these are all huge moves and are shocking to see took place the same day.)

2009 – Cliff Lee traded to the Phillies

2010 – Roy Oswalt traded to the Phillies

2011 – Hunter Pence traded to the Phillies

2011 – Eagles sign Nnamdi Asomugha

2015 – News breaks, Cole Hamels traded to the Rangers

I mean look at those names. Cliff Lee, was supposed to be the man that helped the Phillies capture another World Series ring. Almost did too in 09 vs the Yankees. He was nearly unhitable that post season and cemented his legacy with that ‘I don’t give a shit’ catch. Buuuuuuuuut people like to forget he gave up a 4-0 lead to the Cardinals in the 2011 NLDS. That series goes the distance and the Phillies lose. End of the dominance era. They win that game, they go on to win the series and I would bet the World Series.

Roy Oswalt, another one of the 4 Aces was added the next year. Still one of my favorite moments in Phillies history is him having to play left field because Ryan Howard got tossed and he snags a pair of outs. Amazing night of baseball.


Hunter Pence was a guy that I felt like never got the chance. They added him and got rid of him too quickly in my mind. He gave Howard so much protection in that line up. Butanother guy that when added we all thought, this is going to get us to the championship. 

Nnamdi, not even going to get into it.

And lastly Cole Hamels. The man will always have a special place in my heart. He carried this piss poor starting rotation to the promise land and didn’t disappoint. Future Phillies wall of fame member and I would bet a number retired guy as well. Miss watching that change up in the dirt that everyone knew was coming but couldn’t help but swing at.

So that’s July 29th for you. One of, if not the wildest day in Philadelphia sports transaction history. Who was your favorite? I know who your least favorite was.

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