Dan Orlovsky Is More Than A Little Upset About Carson Wentz Getting Snubbed

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I mean the list was just insane. Murray and Allen on it but not Carson Wentz. I get the move by them, leave Wentz off and get Philadelphia talking but come on. To act like Wentz isn’t a top 100 player is being flat out stupid. And fine, if you wanted to some how make the case that he isn’t top 100. Which there is no way to logically make that argument but for the sake of conversation lets saw you could. No shot on planet Earth you can sell me that Kyler Murray and Josh Allen are better than Wentz. If Carson is number 115 they better be in the 150s or worse.

Also, can we get Dan a job with the Eagles already. I don’t care what the role is. Maybe he just comes out and talks shit to anyone that trashes the team. Like a PR person but just super aggressive. Whatever, we just need to get him on the payroll. Cut Alshon and give Orlovsky his money. Already proven he’s more pro Eagles and Carson than Alshon.


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