Baseball Super Detective Lenny Dykstra Thinks There Is Something Shady Going On With The MLB & The Mets

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Could you imagine a new reality tv show where Lenny Dykstra becomes a PI and starts investigating sports scandals? Sign me right up for that. Lenny, staked our in his car, watching Rob Manfred’s house 24/7. Banging player’s wives to get the inside scoop. If you happen to be an HBO executive that reads Branded. Boy do I have a money maker for you.

Our first episode takes place in what appears to be a backyard. Lenny is addressing his followers via video filmed on what I believe is a T-Mobile flip phone. We are very pro Lenny here but someone needs to get him a new phone. That video quality is roughly three Presidents old. In it, Dykstra is speaking to the Mets sale/lack there of.

Now he makes some good points here, most notably that the Wilpons turn everything they touch into a cluster fuck. They are like Jerry Jones. I hope they never sell because they are killing their organizations from the inside out.

Where I begin to disagree from Lenny’s line of thinking is with A-Rod. Let him buy the team. He can’t afford and could never buy the Yankees but A-Rod is so New York. I can see him now, hanging in the owners box with J-Lo every game. Also so what if he sued MLB, admitted to using PEDs and all that non sense. This is America and we believe in second chances here. Also did I mention J-Lo yet? My chances of bumping into her at a Phillies game drastically increases if her husband owns the Mets.

A small part of me is really hoping though there is something shady going on and Lenny discovers it. Can you just imagine that headlines? Dykstra Bombs.

My goodness

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