Joe Kelly Drilled Some Astro Players And Harassed Them Walking Off The Field

Hear yee hear yee. On this day July 28th in the lord’s year 2000 and the 20th. I announce there is a new king and he goes by the name Joe Kelly.

My man was on a mission tonight. Toss balls 96+ right at the Astros hitters.

This is what we all expected when baseball came back and it’s want we all wanted to be frank. My biggest fear with possibly no season was that Houston would slip under the radar. Not when Joey Revenge is on the hill. And to add insult to injury he basically told them to cry like little bitches about it afterward.

Welp, I’ve seen enough. Joe is our new king. What he says goes and all shall fall in line.

Long live the King! Long live the King!

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