Another Patriot Player Has Opted Out And Everything Is Falling Apart

Branded Patriot

What the fuck dude??!??!?

Hightower and now Chung. Who’s next? If Edelman says he isn’t playing just bag the entire year at that point. My hopes and dreams for 2020 season relied like 92% on the defense of the Patriots staying historically good. Going to be pretty tough doing that when ever player doesn’t take the field. But at the same time, this could be New England’s Vince Papale moment. Bill holds open try outs at Gillette. Maybe I cruise on down there, strap on the pads and run some routes. Hair is blowing in the wind while I put Devin McCourty in a body bag.

I make the team, carry the Patriots to the Super Bowl and become king of Boston.

Fuck I hope no one else opts out.

Go Pats

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