Video: Eagles Add Some Kobe Bryant Inspiration Inside The NovaCare Complex

AJ Torres

Almost every sports fan knows Kobe Bryant was a huge Eagles fan and he showed that often. From his younger days in the NBA wearing that huge Mcnabb jersey on the bench of the Lakers game, or occasionally coming in and speaking to the Eagles about his “mamba mentality,” or one of his most famous videos of him with excitement after the Eagles finally won a Super Bowl. Kobe always loves his Eagles.

It is awesome that the eagles honored him by adding a piece of Kobe inside the NovaCare Complex. I feel if he were alive his reaction would be like anyone of us. He’d probably be all giddy and blown away his favorite team thought that much of him.

6 months yesterday we lost Kobe, Gianna, and all the others who died on that helicopter and it still sucks just as much. We miss ya 24! RIP Bean.


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