Marlins Home Opener Cancelled Amid Team Coronavirus Outbreak, Still Take Series From Phillies Anyway

Scary situation and the worst case scenario going down with the Miami Marlins right now:

Over the weekend, the Marlins had 6 players and coaches test positive for Coronavirus. In the following 24 hours, 8 more players and coaches had tested positive. As Ken Rosenthal noted, this is officially an outbreak. The team flight  back to Miami has been cancelled.
The Marlins are stranded in Philadelphia as they await test results and quarantine the rest of the team. It’s a nightmare situation for a team to be in. But hey, it didn’t stop the Marlins from taking it to the Phillies once again!
This was a great stat from Corey Seidman. After Miami’s 11-6 win to take the series from Philadelphia on Sunday, here’s what their record looks like since the end of 2018: 12-9 vs the Phillies; 52-113 against everyone else.
At that point can we say this is the final, final straw for Vince Velasquez? If he can’t get outs against the worst team in the league who’s been ridden with a deadly virus, he’s just never going to be a reliable major league pitcher. Here I was thinking Velasquez blowing a 7-0 lead last season in Miami was his worst start against the Marlins ever. But, him blowing a 4-0 lead against the Marlins when they don’t even have full lung function may take the cake.
With the Marlins home opener against the Orioles being cancelled, it’s safe to assume the Yankees vs Phillies upcoming full game slate will be put on hold while the Phillies are tested. An MLB season this short, can’t afford any delays, especially a major one like this.
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